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Our  Story

Lindsey and Elissa met in 2011 at a local craft fair when Lindsey bought some hair bows from Olivia, Elissa's 9 year old daughter.  We became instant friends.  After attending a few more local events together, A Joyful Season Shopping Expo was born and the Pinkertons and Bancrofts found themselves enjoying their friendship and a new business opportunity.  Fast forward to 2022 when Lindsey and her husband added a son to their sweet family. . .

With 3 precious little girls and now a son--making them a family of 6--they have decided to step away from AJS so they can enjoy this wildly beautiful season in their lives.  We can't thank them enough for all the memories created during the late nights planning and organizing this shopping expo for vendors and customers.  THANK YOU, Lindsey and Chase for all you did to make A Joyful Season and Midland Market incredibly successful. <3  You will be TRULY missed!

We would also like to take this time to introduce Olivia and Ace Nieto.  They are stepping in to help keep this fun event running smoothly and we know they will be instrumental in its future success.  


Whether you are a shopper or a vendor, we thank you for your continued support after all these years!

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